Photo Gifts & Services
by Margie Gacki
Image Usage Agreement
Special License Details and Descriptions
Photography/Design Services:

Weddings, parties and other special functions; kids/families:  prices vary depending on situation

PowerPoint presentations for weddings, parties, etc. - using digital photos:  $20.00
(presentations using prints that need to be scanned will incur an extra charge depending on number of prints) More complicated presentations will cost more
(contact me for pricing at
Music will be extra since licensing fees apply.

Copying VHS tapes to DVD:  1 tape to DVD:        $7.50
                                             2 tapes to 2 DVDs:  $12.00
                                             3 tapes to 3 DVDs:  $15.00
     If you want multiple copies of a single tape, the first DVD is $7.50 and each additional DVD is $2.00

Photo Licenses:

Any photo on this web site can be licensed for special use.

Basic use licenses are $10.00 per photo per use.  (If you use the same photo for more than one use, you must buy a separate license for each use.) Basic uses include PowerPoint presentations, web sites, personal use.  See the Image Usage Agreement for the complete list of permitted and not permitted uses. (Click the link on the left).

Special Licenses are available for those uses that are not listed as permitted in the basic user agreement.  These uses include using the photo in products that will be sold, where the image makes up most of the product, and other things.  See the License Details and Descriptions for all licenses available.  (Click the link on the left.)

When you buy any kind of license, I will e-mail a high resolution image to you after I receive your payment.  When you purchase a license, you agree to abide by the User Agreement as posted.

I also design newsletters, fliers, and just about any other printed item.  I can custom make cards, calendars, or other items to meet your needs.

Contact me at for more information on any of these services.  Thank you!

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